800 Call Forwarding Service

What is 800 call forwarding?

The 800 call forwarding service can route calls to different locations by routing them to the right phone number. It allows organizations to use one software to manage multiple sites. They can also consolidate accounts of service providers. The toll-free 800 number has been in use for many years and is still the most popular business phone number. It is easy to understand why toll-free numbers are so popular. This makes it more attractive for customers to call 800 numbers instead of local or international numbers that charge for calls. Let’s examine how 800 number forwarding works and how companies can make use of these numbers to increase customer engagement.


800 call forwarding benefits:

Eliminate missed calls caused by agents or people not in the office. it is Custom forwarding schedules can be created based on caller ID, holiday hours, and business hours. It Accepts local calls or toll-free and redirects them to your phone center, or answering service. You can easily forward incoming phone calls to any extension, number, device, or device, including cell phones.



Why it’s important?

There are many purposes for 800 telephone numbers. However, in all cases, it’s helpful to be able easily to control your number’s call forwarding. UniTel Voice is considered one of the finest 800 number services. It’s not through offering cheap toll-free number forwarding (although this is one of the lowest 800 number services). We offer our customers complete control of their toll-free telephone numbers. UniTel Voice enables you to quickly activate a new free toll-free number that can instantly be forwarded to any existing telephone line (landline line, VoIP line, cell phone line, etc. ). You can route calls to one or multiple phones in any sequence. You can even use the auto attendant of our system to greet callers or route them to different extensions, information recordings, or voicemail. Everything can be managed online. You can change your call forwarding status online.


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