Call Center Incentive Structure

Call Center Incentive Structure :

The best call center incentive programs are focused on things that help improve company performance. They avoid anything that might hinder it. Employees are encouraged to take calls faster than they have to in order to meet the caller’s requirements. Customer praises are great stories. However, they can also be used to reward poor performance agents. The customer is still responsible for calling or writing with compliments. You could end up rewarding a mediocre agent for providing exceptional customer service to someone who is experiencing a crisis or who was unable to respond to customer compliments.

Improve call center incentive Structure

Choose your measurement criteria This is the main step of any incentive program. It is crucial that incentive programs for call center workers focus on things that will improve the company’s performance. The focus on how many calls are completed per hour encourages employees, instead of ensuring that they have met the caller’s needs, to speed up their work. By focusing on first-call resolution agents are less likely to seek help when they need it.

People rebel against rules simply because they are there. They will not accept rules that make them do something they don’t want to do. A framework like the P&Q challenge shows that employees are more engaged when they can clearly explain why the things they’re asked to do matter. Employees who are measured and/or incentivized for calling per hour should be able and willing to explain why this is important and how it impacts their bottom line. If you find yourself struggling to find a link, this is a red flag. Your agents will agree with you if your explanation isn’t convincing. They’ll assume that you’re not smart enough to figure this out. Do not put your call center agents at high risk. Give agents goals to ensure that they are capable of achieving them. You shouldn’t incentivize agents based on first-call resolution. If your technology drops calls too often, this is not fair.

Focus on the positive behaviors you wish to encourage. Sometimes an agent will bend over backward in order to please a customer. But they do it by breaking the rules. If you reward behavior, it will likely be repeated. So you could encourage the behavior you don’t like based only on one outcome. Don’t reward anyone who doesn’t agree with you. 

Last but certainly not least, the metrics for incentive programs in call centers. You must track changes after every implementation of any quality assurance program. It is crucial to determine whether your call center incentive program has been successful by analyzing the correct metrics. These metrics can be shared across companies at a macro level. But individual managers will need to modify those metrics at a micro level for accurate reporting.

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