DID(Direct Dial Numbers)

DID stands for direct internal dialing. They were created to allow guests to reach a specific division or worker within the organization. DID numbers are used internally by companies and organizations. A DID number usually consists of a three-digit area number, such as 856 or 856, followed by a seven-digit telephone number. An organization can have all calls routed through one number, such as a receptionist. Or they can create different numbers to serve different departments or employees.


TFN( Toll-Free Number)

Toll-free numbers are numbers that you can call and receive no charges. This is a term that describes a number that is free to be called. The caller will not be charged. This is useful for when you need to reach a company or other service. A toll-free number is one that you can dial and receive no charges. These numbers can be easily identified because they often start with an 800 prefix (ex. 1-800, 0800, 833, etc. If you are looking for a mobile top-up service then, just signup on Prepaid Mall





Toll-free numbers are used to refer to inbound toll-free numbers. Local DID numbers were used to refer to a local telephone number that was used only for outbound calls. However, in the past, toll-free numbers meant that an inbound number could be used.

Numerous advantages and disadvantages come with toll-free numbers. The type of your company will determine the operation of your telephone service. It is simple to find a number customers will recognize. It is easy to find a professional number that customers can recognize.

Your DID number is a valuable asset to your company. However, it is important to make the place welcoming and comfortable for customers. They should also feel professional when they call. Customers often only pay for local calls. Customers don’t have to worry about calling distant people if they dial a local phone number using an area code that they are familiar with. However, some service providers for mobile phones charge customers to call a DID Number. This makes it difficult for users who do not have internet access to make contact. Consider the pros and cons of DID or toll-free numbers when choosing a phone number for your company. It is easy to get a new number.

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